Breast Implant Toronto-Get to Know the Different Types of Implants Available

Plastic surgeons recommend implant types on the basis of your physical assessment and body structure. The outer shell is of silicone but materials used to fill in it differ including gel or saline.

Every kind of implant has a subtle difference in their feel, look and overall performance.

Traditional silicone gel implants


  • Offers soft and natural feel
  • No rippling happens
  • Looks natural, so are very popular


  • As implant is pre-filled, needs larger incision than saline implants.
  • In case of leakage, the gel remains within the shell or can escape in breast implant pocket.
  • Leaking silicone implants don’t collapse, so detecting ruptures is challenging.
  • Available only in round shape.

You will need to visit Breast Implant Toronto clinic for regular checkup to make sure the silicone implants are properly functioning.

Form stable or gummy bear implants


  • Low rates of rippling, ruptures and capsular contraction.
  • Stays in shape for long term.
  • Available in teardrop and round shape.
  • Tear-shape gummy bear implants give more natural look.


  • Little firm and thick to touch because it is filled with highly cohesive gel.
  • Little long incision is needed to place them.
  • More expensive option.

Saline breast implants


  • Adjustable because saline gets filled during surgery.
  • Capable to achieve upper pole fullness.
  • Little small incision is used.
  • Implant rupture is easy to identify as breasts deflate.
  • Are inexpensive


  • Little firm and look less natural.
  • Implants have the potential to ripple and rupture.
  • Weight is more than its counterparts, so bottoming out risk due to gravity increases.

Follow your plastic surgeons’ recommendation!